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HI GUYS i haven't done this in a while, but i'm gonna try to send out holiday cards again this year! so what i need from you is, obviously, an address! if you live out of the USA, it's all good! i don't mind paying the postage! be sure to leave me a name that will ensure you get your card! just in case you didn't know, i'm from ohio, so that'll be the return address! /o/ anyway, comments are screened, and i promise i won't sell your address for profit... probably.

also! though this post is public, it's limited to my friends who are linked to the post! sorry!
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HELLO FRIENDS. i'm pretty hard up for cash as of late! i'm in desperate need to get my credit card debt down, i have a buttload of medical bills, and my hours have been cut pretty drastically at work, so i'm going to see how this icon commission thing works out!




get all that? okay! down to everyone's favorite part: payment!


any questions? feel free to ask! you may comment on this post to ask questions, but please direct specific discussion about a potential order to a PM on this account or an email at diabeetus [at]!

thank you for looking!
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HELLO EVERYONE i meant to put this up months ago but i totally forgot sO HERE WE ARE.

basically, what this is: a catch-all HMD for any and all characters i play, at any venue. in the event that i don't put up an HMD on my character(s)' journal, this would be the place to go with concerns! not sure who i play? here's a handy list of all the assholes i currently fuck around with.

now, how does this work? simple: just leave me a comment and, either in the comment body or in the subject line, specify which character you are critiquing and what game they're in, if any! please note that i tend to play multiples of the same character at different games, so specifying which one is very key to helping me improve!

comments will be screened, but i will unscreen them when i reply, unless you specify for me not to. sock journals are encouraged if you are leaning towards commenting anonymously, but anon is enabled, too. this is mostly because i enjoy having an open channel and discussion between people who have suggestions, so that i can really get a feel for where they're coming from, and anon doesn't lend to that unless comments are tracked. BUT WHATEVER YOU WANT DO IT.